On Shame

These are the reflections of a young woman I have had the privilege and pleasure to watch grow up. She is an empathetic and vompassionate person.

Amusing Musings with Andrea

This past Saturday, my grandfather arrived in Heaven at the age of 82, able to rest in the home that had been planned for him since long before his birth. And it has had me think a lot about how we view ourselves and how God views us.

When I think of Norman Davis, I see the grandpa who took me to the San Diego Zoo and watched baseball and basketball and any and every other sport that was televised. I think about the copious amounts of Hostess products he ate, and how he would take all the vegetables out of his food, even if they were lathered in sauce.

Every time I saw him he would ask me, ?So Andrea, you got a boy?? and every time I would have to say ?Nah Gramps, not right now? and he was tell me that it was ok because none of…

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