Contemplating Summer

I miss my students. Is that normal? I want to know if Maria’s dog had her puppies. Did Annabelle get to go to Arizona to see File_000her grandparents? Is Armando spending the summer fighting with his big brother or are they playing video games together? How is Kyra managing her anxiety this summer? Is she using the tools she worked so hard to cultivate during the school year? Is Jayden hanging out with positive kids who will build him up and push him forward, or is he getting in trouble?

I could go on and on with all the things I wonder about them. We shared our lives for 10 months. Every morning we shared our celebrations and concerns. It feels like a favorite TV series ended ubruptly without any closure.  Some students will be back in August, and I can grab them for a quick chat to see what happened while we were away.  Others will have moved, and I will never know.  And I will never stop wondering.

Summer is rough.  I need it desperately. Loving and learning with so many people for so many days is mentally and emotionally exhausting. Not to mention I have so much to learn and reflect upon so I can be even better teachers the next year.  I am grateful for the days that I have been able to get away to sit on the beach, read an actual novel, catch up with friends who never see me during the school year. I have taken one nap, but I have plans for at least one more.

So here I am, stuck in the strangeness of summer. I revel in this time to develop me and nurture my personal realtionships while simultaneously missing my school life and school family.  Summer vacation is half over and over-booked. Better go breathe deeply for a bit. In a few weeks I will be nostaligic for this moment in time.



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